Foamcrete Lightweight Concrete Solutions use a time proven system for onsite customised lightweight concrete.

We can produce a range of densities from 300 kg/M3 to 2000 kg/M3 and a range of strengths from 1 MPa to 35 MPa.

Foamcrete | Lightweight Concrete Solutions’ resultant product is highly flowable and self compacting at all densities.

Foamed concrete results in a cellular concrete product to any specified density and at the same time providing the benefits of thermal insulation and sound absorbtion. High flow rates are achievable at most densities.

Applications include:

  • lightweight floor and deck topping
  • flowable fill for large and small void filling
  • self leveling and flowable in excess of 300 meters
  • rapid culvert grouting
  • ultra lightweight rigid backfilling for retaining walls
  • insulated solid wall and floor construction for building
  • heated swimming pool insulation
  • roof screed insulation
  • lightweight suspended floor
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Foamcrete | Lightweight Concrete Solutions

Lightweight foamed concrete has a number of applications due to its nature of being not only lighter but also warmer and quieter.

Self-compacting, does not require vibration, and is virtually self leveling. Millions of air bubbles in the initial slurry behave like ball bearings to enhance flowablity.

Environmentally safe foaming agent produces a very stable and long lasting foam