Foamcrete Lightweight Concrete Accomplishments

A selection of Foamcrete Lightweight Concrete accomplishments from past years

  • Pah House Hillsborough

Filling and blanking off of 11 chimneys on historic building to safety requirement with lightweight fill. Job completed without and spillage to roof area despite having to access all chimneys via 1500mm high chimney pots with 3 inch vents.

  • TeKuiti Railway station chimney

Filling and blanking off of historic chimney to safety standards with lightweight flowable fill.

  • Devonport Library

Providing 1900Kg/M3 density concrete with minimum 30Mpa for tray deck flooring. Final result power floated.

Foamcrete Lightweight Concrete Accomplishments
  • Waikato University

Provide 1200Kg/M3 5 Mpa screed to produce drainage falls under large area to be grassed. Fletchers Construction.

  • Orakei Bridge (Remuera) overlay

Placement of lightweight concrete road island over Market rd bridge.(Downer construction) 1400Kg/M3 density, 10Mpa minimum and red oxide coloured.

  • Market Rd Over bridge road island

Lightweight topping between 100mm and 400mm with gradient up to 15% was required for refurbished bridge work.(Downer construction) Successful in achieving max 1200Kg/M3 density and Mpa between 5 and 6 was more then required for anticipated traffic stress. Asphalt applied to resultant topping was 100mm thick.(see photo gallery)

Foamcrete Lightweight Concrete Accomplishments
  • Lightweight water stops for underground pipe Papakura.

1200Kg/M3 density pipe collars poured in situ to stabilise and negate possible effects of water erosion due to high soil water table.(midland construction). Easy placement by truck shute without need for compaction and hard fill used as containment on either side of pour within confines of trench.(see photo gallery)

  • Rob Roy (The birdcage) Hotel roof screed

1200Kg/M3 roof screed barrowed into placement to proved lightweight roof.(VPI Alliance)

  • Western Springs College stairwell void fill

Approximately 100M3 lightweight flow able fill pumped by 2 inch line thru 100mm access hole in 200mm thick floor to fill basement void under college stairwells. Complete fill easily achieved due to flow ability as witnessed through adjacent access holes at 3 meter spacing. Zero shrinkage and reduced soil loading as a result.

  • Victoria Park Tunnel

Approximately 500 M3 flow able fill for voids underground throughout various areas of VPT construction zone. Request was for a 2Mpa mix to facilitate design excavation through the fill fairly soon after cure.(Fletcher Construction)

  • Beach Road City

Roof deck and pedestal tile system. Foamed concrete used to produce required drainage falls on existing concrete roof deck.

  • Drainage grouting

Culvert drainage grouting for repair.

  • State Highway 1

Lightweight median barrier on SH1 overbridge.

  • Browns Bay

Void filling a large area under a concrete driveway that had been scoured out. 600Kg/M3 fill was successful in filling cavity entirely without shrinkage issues via drilled 50mm access hole.

  • Union House Quay Street City

Sagging 30 year old concrete floor required levelling prior to tiling but weight and strength were both a major issue, especially as marble tiles were being laid over most of it. Achieved result was above expectations for specified 600kgM3 fill, providing excellent strength for foot traffic prior to tiling.

  • Remuera

1400kg/m3 used to fill residential basement void to reinstate existing piles to joists. Weight reduction because of sloping site reduced pressure on surrounding walls.

  • Leigh

A lightweight concrete floor topping was placed over underfloor heating piping, which was in turn placed on foil and timber flooring.

  • Auckland City Central Library

Raised and levelled an enclosed deck with 1700kg/m3 lightweight concrete topping which also required insulating properties. This was then carpeted and strength was optimum (25Mpa) to accommodate book shelves.

  • Mt Wellington

Levelled and raised a very large outside patio area which was then to be covered in tiles.

  • Takapuna

Produced indoor floor levelling surface for enclosed deck to be timber lined.

  • Howick

Produced lightweight drainage gradient on outdoor deck surface to be tiled.

  • Oratia

A lightweight concrete floor topping (1200kg/m3) was placed over underfloor water piped heating, which was in turn fixed to foil lined timber flooring.

  • Karangahape Road Underpass – Central Auckland SH1

A suspended off-ramp required a cornering camber and weight was an issue. A 1500kg/m3 aerated mix with rapid set was used to produce a 600mm to 100mm slope over which asphalt was laid.

  • Scotts Landing

An outdoor lap pool had an insulated foamed concrete floor of 80% air entrainment poured and the concrete block wall surrounds were grout filled with a 40% air entrainment foamed mix.

  • Hungry Creek State Highway 1

A smaller diamter storm water pipe had been inserted into a larger pipe, leaving a surrounding cavity of approximately 125mm to be filled over a distance of 24 meters beneath SH1. This required a very flowable fill to ensure complete fill over the distance. 1200kg/m3 density was specified which successfully filled the pipe and displaced residual storm water in the process. Pipe inspection during the process verified complete fill. No voids.

  • Sky City Casino

A smoker’s deck was enclosed and the floor needed to be raised and levelled. Weight was an issue. Concrete of 800 kg/m3 density at was specified and poured to a thickness of 200mm which was covered with tiles