VIDEOS - Foamcrete | Lightweight Concrete

Foamcrete | Lightweight Concrete is a company using a time proven system for the onsite production of customised lightweight concrete. We can produce to a range of densities from 300 kg/M³ to 2000 kg/M³ and a range of strengths from 1 MPa to 35 MPa. Our resultant product is highly flowable and self compacting at all densities.

Some of the advantages of using Light Weight Concrete are:

  • Does not settle
  • No compaction or vibration needed
  • Free flowing, spreads to fill all voids
  • Non-hazardous
  • Reliable quality control
  • Properties can be varied to suit needs
  • Highly cost effective
  • Can be pumped
  • Lightweight, reduces direct loading
  • Excellent load spreading characteristics
  • No maintenance required
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation
  • Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw
  • Does not impose lateral loads
  • Low water absorption over time
  • Excellent fire resistant property
  • Reduced weight, with a wide range of possible densities and strength
  • Compared with dense weight concrete, reduction in weight from 10% to 87% can be achieved
  • The cost advantage would be up to 20% laid compared with dense weight concrete
  • Additional, substantial savings are achieved due to a lower deadweight of the building
  • Structural components and foundation cost are greatly reduced, in particular on high-rise projects
  • Quick turn-around in the manufacturing process
  • No obnoxious or toxic fume emission – no health hazards
  • Lightweight Concrete can be sawn, sculptured with hand or common power tools and be penetrated by normal building nails and screws
  • Compressive strength can be varied according to requirements. This is a function of density, moisture, mix proportion, chemical and physical characteristics of components materials and curing method
  • Low water absorption because of its closed cellular structure
  • Acoustic properties are such that sound is being absorbed, not reflected as is the case with dense weight concrete or brick walls